Lightweight Concealed Carry


Just a boy and his dog living in Arizona.

RIP Capone aka Bubba 😦

Dec 31, 2006 – May 28, 2015

In Memory of the best dog ever to walk by my side…


January 7, 2003 – April 4, 2013

Bubba and I miss you


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Finally got one to take…Thanks for the follow…Just read the Marlin write-up…You don’t sell these products but advertise them; correct? This is the best website lay-out I have seen…
    Just bought a 1979 Marlin lever action .35…Wanted 150 grain but best I could do was Honady 200 grain…Mounted a Nikon BD 3X9…This gun packs a punch and is extremely accurate! It is my pig gun except I can not find a place to hunt hogs without paying a ton of cash…Saailer

    1. I am not selling anything. Just doing this because I have had so much data and forum write ups on things I have owned over the years, I am trying to consolidate them into one location so I could share them.

  2. Just read the Glock barrel exchange…your site beats the learning channel…Question…Have a Ruger sp101 with long and hard trigger pull…What can I do to decrease pull pressure?

  3. Just found your site. Well written and unbiased, thanks for taking the time to do it. I’ve gained some knowledge here. See ya on the trails.

  4. I like your article on the magazine holster , I too have a Nano and a talon holster like you show in the pics . I was wondering what model mag holster is that ? Went to the site and they don’t call out nano as a model that fits just want to be sure

  5. I just found your site by accident search for a LCR review. I cannot wait to spend some time reading through all your past posts and articles. Thank you for your dedication to this page.

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