I just wanted to give a quick update on my LCR 357.

After breaking my hand last year playing ball  Details Here; I shelved my  LCR for the much easier to shoot Glock 26 and 9mm cartridge. I had to use my left hand a lot so I purchased a left handed holster for the Glock and moved on. Once my hand started healing I then went back to right handed carry.

Now that my hand is as back to normal as it will ever be; I took the LCR out last month and found that magnum rounds caused issues as my hand doesn’t get the purchase it used to on handguns.

I had problems with follow ups one handed and it caused added hand fatigue.

Yes, I could replace the boot grip with a larger grip but that defeated the purpose of it’s conceal-ability. So I stuck to the Glock 26 while I tried to find a solution to my problem. And seeing as this is my favorite concealed hand gun, it definitely was a problem for me.

So I further modified my LCR grip so I can not only handle 38+P one handed, but my 357 Magnum self defense rounds.

I made the grip mods and went out this weekend to test them out and see how it went. A quick ride 5-10 minutes from the house and I was in solitude and could work on my shooting.
The issue was that with a lot of recoil the revolver moved just enough in my hand making follow up shots harder,  so I purchased some GT-500 Grip tape on Amazon because reviews said it had a great grip but not enough to cause scratching, catching on clothes, or chafing of the skin when carrying concealed.  It  was cheap enough and they sent enough to do the firearm 3 times over. The jury is still out on durability but only time and use can tell that tale.


I took my time and made sure I traced and cut pieces out only where my hand made contact and needed it to keep a solid grip.

On the left side, the thumb and where my middle finger came around and made contact

On the right side where my palm and my trigger finger made contact.

On the inside of the grip where my middle finger and my ring finger ( broken one) made contact.


IMG_0664 - Copy

I may put some on bottom for my pinky to kind of grip as well. But right now I am good with how it is.

I could have stippled the side grips but the finger grooves I made in the boot grip are pretty much to the insert so I didn’t want to go any further with that. So the grip tape was a perfect solution without damaging the boot grip and having to start over.



My hand got a much better grip and I was able to hang on one handed with both the 38+p and the 357 magnum. The minor movement and  fatigue that I had before wasn’t there anymore.

I shot about 50 rounds. 25 magnum defensive rounds (11-1200 fps)  and 25 +P defensive rounds (8-900 fps). All hot all with 135gr Speer gold dot short barrel. One handed things were great. I can handle magnums ACCURATELY again. I was very happy.

I also modified the front sight with green nail polish for more visibility. It works great and is inexpensive.


It sits around 56 to 5700 rounds right now and I still haven’t replaced the broken hammer pivot pin  cover ( I have to replace the entire pin) because I just haven’t gotten around to it and it still works. Ruger did send me a replacement and it is in my tool kit waiting for replacement. One day I will do it but it is not a problem right now.

Speed Loaders Update

I also trained as I always do with my Five Star and SL Variant speed loaders and my speed strips. I train against a timer  which puts more pressure on me to perform.



The more I use the SL variants  the more I realize they are great for full size revolvers but snot so much for snubs when under pressure. It is not a big issue however because the SL Variants haven’t been available from Bobby Macs for a couple years now. I only own one.

What I have found specifically with the LCR and the SL Variant’s is that the angle doesn’t allow for the magnum rounds due to length and distance between the grip. It gets tight and there is NO tolerance so a perfect reload is needed or it jams up in the revolver and won’t release the rounds. SO now you have a jammed open cylinder with 5 rounds and a loader in the revolver and no way to release them.

So you have to use 38 specials in the loader for more tolerance. But even then sometimes due to the length of the loader and the clearance of the grip and cylinder the bullets don’t seat all the way and you have to shake it or they drag out. So you might lose one or two as you try to close the cylinder. It really has small tolerances.
The Five Star loaders are fast and easy. The only issue is with them the learning to go counter clockwise instead of clockwise. The HKS have a clockwise release. So if you have used them for years and trained this can be an issue. However I hear that if you contact five star they will make them with clockwise release for you. I have trained so much counter clockwise it works for me.

In Conclusion

The Ruger LCR .357 is a great carry revolver for me. It is my personal favorite. I have trained enough to where I have never had a short stroke, and I am proficient one handed as well as two. I have also made the Five Star loaders my go to loaders for this revolver.

With close to 6000 38+P and 357 Magnum rounds through this revolver, I have experienced only the single issue of the dust cover on the hammer pivot pin breaking. I always perform the regular maintenance during cleanings that I wrote about, and it still locks up tight and has no forcing cone or crane issues. It just keeps plugging along.

By far it is my favorite carry gun. I don’t care that others call the revolver obsolete or low capacity. I am very proficient with it one handed and one the move,  and for my area  it is the perfect carry gun for me.

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of the 38 special and 357 Magnum cartridge and I prefer it over everything else. Even though I grew up in the semi-auto world made media famous by Sonny Crockett’s Sig p220 and Bren Ten ( my love for the 10mm started here) and Martin Rigg’s and John McClane’s Berretta 92F, and of course the debut of the Glock 17.

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Happy shooting!