SHOT 2015 Roundup

Shot 2015 has come and gone. I had a great time at both Media range day and the show as a contributor to The Packing Rat.


Here are a few products I found interesting, or overrated in with a focus on concealed carry at the SHOW.

Taurus Curve

I will start off with the Curve. It is no secret that I have a strong dislike for the company, however this design is new and cutting edge so I had to go see what it was all about.

The handgun felt great in my hand. It was very ergonomic and comfortable. But that is where it ended. As soon as I squeezed the trigger I knew it was a loser. The trigger was absolutely the most spongy trigger I have ever had the experience of squeezing. There was nothing about it that I liked. It felt cheap, inconsistent, and had the worst break I have ever felt. I think I will pass on this one.



Not a new product but one that caught my eye nonetheless. Weighing in a just around 19 oz with an empty magazine, this slim lightweight carry gun with 5+1 of 45 ACP interested me. The trigger was light and crisp, it felt good in the hand and it was light and concealable.   Something I will definitely give a further look. You can see more here at the Kahr Website.


As a former owner of an original Ruger LC9 with all of the safety items not needed on a concealed handgun I was eager to handle the Ruger LC9S Pro. This is everything I wanted the Ruger to be and then some. Integrated trigger safety with a nice clean trigger. No manual safety, magazine safety, or shark fin. You have to hand it to Ruger, one of the few American manufactures who actually listen to their customer feedback. They hit it out of the park with this one.  You can read more here at the Ruger website.

Other Notable Items

SIG P220 10MM

IMG_6787 IMG_6788

It is everything you expect a Sig to be. Over engineered and heavy. It is a P220 based on the 45 ACP frame but with 8+1 of 10mm. I am sure it will be a great hunting handgun.  I still think the Glock 29 is the best option out there right now. Especially with the extended barrel offerings. But worth a look if you are a Sig fan.

Benchmade 808 LOCO Axis Lock

Photo Courtesy of Blade HQ

We had a chance to sit down with Brian Montgomery of Benchmade and go over a few of their offerings. The one that caught my eye was the Benchade LOCO. A beefy Axis lock offering with a large 3.68″ reverse tanto blade and a deep carry clip. Brian also went over the new Axis dual action mechanism such as offered on the new 5400 Serum. You can read more about it at the Benchmade Website.


Laser Activated Shot Reporter was at SHOT 2015.  A computer program that works with any laser or infrared system and any webcam, and any windows computer, it is a great inexpensive tool for dry fire training. $120 for the software and the cost of a laser weapon  which they also offer) and you can get started at less that $500.00 with an existing computer. You can read more at the L.A.S.R. Website.

The MAKO Group KPOSG2 and G2 Pathfinder

Converting your existing platform into a Carbine or PDW is easier than ever with one of the Mako Group offerings. Manufactured by Fab defense these well made platforms offer the ability to convert your Glock, Sig, CZ, FN, Beretta, Springfield , or Jericho into a compact and versatile PDW or Carbine. The Pathfinder is a non-NFA version with a folding tube instead of a stock. At under $700.00 these offer the best versatility I have found in handgun conversions.

You can read more at The Mako Group Website.

GLOCK MOS Optics Ready Handguns

I was able handle the new Glock optic ready G40 10MM and the first thing I noticed about them is there was no co-witness with the rear sights. A definite issue in my book because if your optic goes down while hunting or competition, or even if you need to use it for self-defense, you cannot rely on the use of the rear sights as a backup. I brought this up to the Glock representative at the show and he informed me that they could not cut the optic any lower into the frame but they may offer higher rear sights for this purpose down the road. My thoughts are aftermarket companies will probably do this before Glock does. Oh and sorry folks, no word and or updates on the mythical unicorn called the single stack 9mm. Glock reps were tight-lipped about it no matter how many of the thousands of people asked them throughout the day. You will just have to fantasize about it for another year.