I carry AIWB. I have for many years. Ever since I took my first force on force class. I also carry every day, 24-7 when I can. I have been through a variety of holsters. Enough to fill large boxes. I finally found the holsters that I feel provide the best mix of comfort, concealment, durability, and weapon retention I required.

I bought my first Dale Fricke holster back in 2010. It was an Archangel for a Glock 17. It arrived within ten days of me ordering it. The first day I wore it I knew this holster was a winner.

With it’s rounded edges and curved design, it is the most comfortable holster I had ever worn. I have dirt biked, mountain biked, ran, hiked, worked in the yard, and done all manner of day to day tasks with this holster. I have driven over 13 hours non stop, I have sat all day, and it still retained it’s comfort. The reason being that it sits higher on the belt so that the full sized handgun does not press into your body. It also moves slightly to your body contour as you sit, kneel, or stand giving maximum comfort. It also allows for a positive combat grip on the draw and it still conceals well under a t-shirt or other cover garment. This holster is not the tuckable model. Dale Fricke now offers a tuckable model called the Archangel 2.

The holster comes in  multiple  belt size configurations. I use a 1 3/4″ wilderness belt exclusively. The pull dot loops are easy on and off for those times when you need to remove the handgun and stow it. Which is a plus for me to not have to remove the belt. It also comes in multiple color combinations and is offered for a variety of handguns. Dale also does custom holsters and accessories. Just call him and make arrangements.

To date, I have not found a more comfortable AIWB holster for a full sized handgun, and I have a box of them in the garage to attest to that.

I also picked up another Archangel for my “sub-compact” Glock 29SF. It arrived within 12 days.

Again, comfort, minimalistic size, and easy on easy off are the strong points of this holster. The kydex is thick enough for long term durability and strong. It secured and concealed the short and stubby handgun with ease. Even with full sized magazines in it.

Dale’s customer service and warranty are also top notch. Not one person that I have spoken with that has dealt with Dale personally has anything but positive things to say about him as a man and as a business in regards to his customer service and attention to your concerns. His warranty is no nonsense and one of the best in the business. Direct from his website:

1 Year Warrantee: For Zack’s and Purses

Workmanship and Materials: It’s all on me; send it to me I fix it or replace it for what ever reason!

Operator Error: Be straight with me: send it to me I fix it or replace it!

Melt it with a heat gun: Be straight with me: send it to me I fix it or replace it! Maybe!!!

Heat of Summer in vehicle Kydex™ abuse: I’ll LOL with you; send it to me I fix it or replace it!

Lie or be a Jerk to me: Send it to me I fix it or replace it! MAYBE!

Be a Jerk to my family: You will not like what happens next!

Returns: If you aren’t satisfied with your product talk to me about it and we will work something out. Sorry but there are no returns on custom products.

For my smaller slimline handguns, I wanted a lower riding holster that conceals better at the expense of the combat grip. I was informed that Dale Fricke designed a holster specifically for that purpose. The Jonathan.

I was looking for a replacement holster for my Sig p290. Earlier in the year, ignorant of Dale Fricke’s new offering,  I had gone to a Bladetech Nano for my Ruger LCR and was unhappy with it. It sat higher than my old holster and was a thinner Kydex which I have had durability issue with in the past with other manufacturers holsters. I also tried a High Noon Mr. Softy for the LCR which I was also unhappy with due to it’s long term durability.  The soft leather began bending and wearing to a point I was not comfortable with the holster protecting the trigger any longer, even though it sat low like I wanted it to.

Unhappy with Bladetech’s offering, I went with a Talon IWB holster for my Beretta Nano and then I picked one up for my Sig P290 and it was a good holster but the clip sometimes rode up and did not grab my 1 3/4″ belt and the retention wasn’t positive so if I got in certain body situations such as falling off my mountain bike, the handgun would start coming out of the holster exposing the trigger. I needed something more secure.

I ordered the Jonathan the day after Christmas and it was shipped in 13 days. Just wearing it for the past few days I can notice an immediate positive difference in comfort. I am also more secure with the holster securing the handgun and protecting the trigger especially while carrying AWIB. It still allows for me to get a grip on the handgun and draw it quickly. it is well made and has only one pull dot loop instead of two like the Archangel for easy on and off.

Here is the Bladetech Nano with the Ruger LCR . It sits higher that I would like for a small concealable handgun.

Compared to the lower riding High Noon Mr. Softy:

Here is a thickness comparison between the Jonathan and the Nano. The Jonathan is on top:

Here are the Jonathan and Nano together. With the Jonathan on the right. Comfort wise and durability wise, the Jonathan wins every time. The Nano sits too high for that small of a handgun and  although it hasn’t failed I  do not trust thin kydex holsters for my lifestyle.

Here is the Sig P290 in a Talon IWB:

Compared to the Jonathan:

Here is my draw grip on the Sig with the Jonathan:

I cannot recommend the Dale Fricke holsters enough. They have proven themselves in comfort, function, and durability. Match that with excellent turnaround time, versatility with custom made items, and above and beyond customer service, you cannot go wrong with a Dale Fricke holster. I now three of them.

You can visit his site and order holsters or accessories here: Dale Fricke Holsters