I have a passion for the 357 Magnum cartridge and a similar passion for the 10mm cartridge. Being the owner of a Glock 29SF 10mm, it only made sense for me to try out a 357 Sig drop in barrel for it. There were a few offerings by Bar-Sto, Storm Lake, and Lone Wolf. Based upon online reviews, I purchased a Lone Wolf barrel in stock 3.78″ length for $120 shipped.

The barrel is a simple drop it. Simply field strip the pistol and replace the barrel. The 357 Sig ammo fits in the factory Glock 29/20 magazines utilizing the same factory capacity. I noticed that I could jam one more 357 Sig round each into the magazines but I decided not to and I did not test them this way as the fit was tight so I kept them at factory capacity.

I separated my 357 test magazines from my 10mm magazines in the pistol case and went out to my favorite quiet spot to test it out.

I tried three different types of rounds:

Speer 125gr GDHP rated at 1350 fps.

Ultramax Remfg 125gr FMJ rated at 1225 fps.

Precision Cartridge 100 Grain Frangible with no rating.

I did not get a chance to chronograph these rounds due to light rain.

Accuracy was great on the barrel itself. The frangible ammo spread out more and shot to the left one-handed at 12 feet:

I do not plan on ever using the frangible ammo, it was given to me so I decided to shoot it.

My  best Speer Gold Dot one-handed shot grouping from 12 feet was here:

The target ammo was similar in groupings. I plan on getting my hands on some Underwood ammo for testing soon. Recoil was not bad at all. It was easy to get back on target one-handed.

Here is a video demonstrating recoil between the 10mm and 357 Sig:

Here are some comparison photos of the two barrels. The stock Glock 10mm barrel is black and the 357 Sig conversion barrel is stainless.

The Lone Wolf barrel worked great. The ammo fit into the factory Glock 29/20 magazines and after 250 rounds of various ammo, I had zero issues. It gives me the option to fire another caliber from my Glock 29 without having to invest in a new firearm. It takes minutes to change and works flawlessly. I highly recommend the barrel.  For more info on Lone Wolf conversion barrels,check out the Lone Wolf Blog.