In my never ending quest for lightweight simplicity, I decided to replace my Fenix P2D. I needed a multi-mode light to use every day that took up as little pocket space as possible. I decided to try the Maratac AAA light sold by CountyComm. They had multiple choices to choose from. I chose the polished stainless version.

The stats of the one I purchased are:

Maratac Polished Stainless AAA made from polished 300 grade stainless steel

Weight: 20 grams
Length: 2.7 in.
Diameter: .5 in.

Battery: single AAA

Lanyard/keyring loop and a belt clip, both removable.

My rev 1 has three modes:

  • Low Mode, 1.5 lumens output for up to 50 Hours
  • Medium Mode, 18 lumens output for up to 4 Hours
  • High Mode, 80 lumens Output for up to 48 Minutes

The rev 2 polished stainless was upped in power with only two modes and weighs 25 grams:

  • Low mode, 1.5 lumens output for up to 50 hours
  • High mode, 115 lumens output for up to 65minutes

The new revision 3 has been upped in power and longevity and only comes in black anodized, but includes a diffuser, and weighs 20 grams:

  • Low Mode, 1.5 lumens output for up to 55 Hours
  • Medium mode, 40 lumens output for up to 7 hours
  • High mode, 138 lumens output for up to 70 minutes

The modes are engaged by twisting the bezel. It starts in medium mode, which is perfect for every day tasks, then goes to low mode and then to high mode then back again to medium mode to start the sequence over again with each twist. It has aggressive knurling on both the body and head to help with grip and engagement.

Unlike my Fenix, it has a pocket clip that is reversible so I can put it on the brim of a hat or cap to use as a head lamp. The downfall is it is not a push button. I felt the light as an everyday tool was much more important to me than using the light for tactical use. A small footprint in my pocket was also more important to me.

I have used this light at work, at home, in the garage, camping, hiking, shooting, and many other uses. It is always in my pocket and has never failed me in three years. I use it mostly on low or medium but have had the occasion to use the high beam. The finish is great and has stood up well to every day carry.

The beam has a very ice hot spot, but not nearly as well defined. After the hot spot it transitions to a large spillover Here it is in high mode 80 lumens (on top), compared to my P2D in turbo mode @ 175 lumens ( bottom):

It has an o-ring and is very water resistant. It came with extra o-rings. I have had mine submerged before with no issues and have yet to have to change the o-ring.

I have since lost the lanyard clip as it bent and fell off, but apparently the new revisions have made this more sturdy.
Overall, this is a great little light for the price of sub $30.00 and has served me well.

Visit the CountyComm Website for more info on these great lights.