I read about this new company out of Utah making horizontal mag holders.  I wanted a better solution to carry the spare 8 round Nano 9mm magazine I carry. The old solution was the back pocket. I ordered one for my Nano for around $25.00 US. The owner communicated with me immediately and the product was shipped fast. With a personal thank you for trying their product. Excellent customer service on their part.

The mag holder is made of kydex and has a quick on/off belt clip which I like. It helps when entering a non permissive environment and the weapon and accessories need to be removed quickly for storage. It is made to fit 1 1/2″ to 1 3/4″ belts and It clips on my 1 3/4″ wilderness belt perfectly. As you can see from my previous Nano review, offers quick access to the mag for reloads. The other great part about the product is they offer a money back guarantee if you are not happy. I will never get to test this out however, because I am very happy with the product.

Time will tell if this can withstand the ungodly hot climate I live in. It regularly gets over 100 in the summer and we pushed the 120’s a lot this summer. It has to get left in the truck at times so we shall see if the kydex can stand up to the heat so to say. The kydex is thin in some spots so I will report back the long-term durability of this product in the future.

UPDATE: The manufacturer has contacted me to inform me that they anneal the MagHolders at 410 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure best dimensional stability and strength, so it should be up to the task of withstanding  my harsh environment. In layman terms, it can be heated above 400 degrees Fahrenheit without deformation. That is great news!

It has positive magazine retention and it hold securely on the belt. I have been training with it and it offers a very concealable option. It is more inline with the body and it is easier to draw from retention and get to the weapon.

I do not recommend this item for war-belts or duty belts however due to the amount of belt real estate it takes up, making it hard to add more magazines. This is designed for concealed carry  or undercover work and it does a great job of that.

If you carry and are looking for a more concealable option to your back pocket or vertical mag carrier, I suggest you give this product a look. Their website is http://magholder.com/