I decided I needed to purchase some speedloaders for my LCR. I had good luck with HKS in the past with my other revolvers. I ended up trying three different types of speed-loaders before I found a model that worked with the LCR. Here is what I tried and what I found.

From L to R: (prices do not reflect shipping/tax and may vary depending upon vendor)

S.L. Variant Model J-36 – $30.00
HKS 36-A – $8.00
Safariland Comp I J-C7 – $10.00

Speed-loader not tried: Five Star Firearms 36/LCR 05R – $20.00

I tried all three with the houge tamer grip on first.

The Safariland Comp I J-C7 just would not fit. It rubbed on the grip, it went in at an angle and no matter how hard I try to force it it just will not make contact with the cylinder to release the bullets. It is a NO GO under any circumstances.

Next up with the Houge tamer grip is the HKS 36-A. The fit is tight, and it gets in there enough ( but not all the way) to release the bullets, however, under stress or speed loading, sometimes it gets a little cockeyed and one of two things happen….. First the release is hard to twist and get the bullets in and second some of the bullets do not drop from the loader and get hung up when clearing it and either drop to the ground or interfere with the loader clearing. It does work however so I give this loader a MARGINAL.

Finally the S.L. Variant Model J-36

It goes in a wee bit tight as well, however the speed-loaders offer an adjustment to either spread or draw the bullets closer to tailor it for your weapon. However the spring loaded bullets fire cleanly into the cylinders every time. They are pricey, but I don’t put a price on reliability and function. I give this loader a definite buy.

Next I tried with the boot grip on.

Again the Safariland Comp I J-C7 just would not fit. Same as above. It is a NO GO under any circumstances.

The HKS 36-A went in further and proved more reliable with the boot grip but I still experienced a couple of issues just not as much, again MARGINAL.

The SL Variant loader worked flawlessly again. Shooting the cartridges into the cylinder with force. This is a GO.

So in summary:

The Safariland Comp I J-C7 is a NO GO and does NOT work with the LCR under any circumstances with either grip.

The HKS 36-A is a MARGINAL GO. it would take extreme proficiency under stressful circumstances to make this reliable with the Houge tamer grip. Reliability increases with the Houge boot grip but is still not enough for me to be comfortable with it.

The S.L. Variant Model J-36 is a GO with both the Hougue Tamer and Houge boot grip. I will be adding a few more to my equipment collection real soon.

The Five Star Firearms 36/LCR 05R is a GO. I have since tested these and they work the best of the bunch and are highly recommended. Due to the unavailability of the S.L. Variants, these are the ones to purchase for your LCR.

You can buy them here: Five Star Firearms