So I was very skeptical of purchasing a lightweight .357 ever since I fired the Smith air weight family.

I picked up this little gem back in 2010 to try out a more lightweight carry setup. Years of Browning Hi-Powers, 1911’s, and Glock 17’s had taken their toll. It was time to scale down weight wise.

Since then this revolver has been a part of my carry rotation for three years. I carried it exclusively for over two years, every day and I cannot say enough good things about this revolver.
The “polymer” on the .357 LCR is just like a Glock, polymer frame but the meat of the weapon is stainless steel, just the grip area is polymer and at 17 oz this thing is light and easy to carry.

Firing it even with full house loads was more manageable than my Taurus 651 and way more manageable than the smith 340. The trigger is hands down the best DA revolver trigger I have ever fired. It also has an extra-large trigger guard which is excellent for gloves in winter.

As you can see the recoil with .357 loads one-handed is snappy, but manageable

It is very accurate, easy to fire and easy to carry.

Over the past three years I have shot this a lot. I now have a grand total of approximately 2500+ rounds through it.

My round count ( which may be off + or -50) is as follows:

  • 750 .357 Magnum rounds 500 158gr wadcutters, the rest 125 grain mix of jhp, jsp, shp, fmj
  • 1350 38 special +p 158gr wadcutter
  • 400 .38 special 130gr FMJ

Notes on the high round count: There is no abnormal wear. The gap is still the same as it was when I originally measured showing no evidence of frame stretch. All wear is normal for a revolver. The forcing cone is still in great shape with no deformities or issues.

I have had zero malfunctions and zero issues with it, no bullets have jumped the crimp. I have been practicing double tapping two targets and leaving the 5th cartridge in the weapon so I can inspect it for any crimp jumps when I shoot the magnum rounds. None has been evident.

No flame cutting or cylinder lockups. It has been running like a champ. I had it MPI tested back at about 1500 rounds with zero issues.

My hand does not hurt after 50-100 magnum rounds, it just doesn’t. The weapon is smooth, gets good groupings one-handed on the move while point shooting, and the trigger is like butter now. The only thing to remember is to fully release it to prevent short stroking. This is something that requires training.

Another point, I may have used the sights maybe a total of 100 or so rounds on this weapon, everything else has been trained with one-handed shooting on the move, point shooting at the target, I never line the top of the weapon up or even focus on it while shooting, I always focus on the target and surroundings, I have made the weapon an extension of my hand:

I primarily carry in a high noon Mr. softy AIWB and it works great drawing and shooting on the move, I did pocket carry for a time in a desantis nemesis but I determined that unless I knew the threat was coming and had my hand fingering the weapon and was ready to draw, you can only do one of two things: move from the threat and have a hard time getting the weapon out…. or stand still like a good target and draw the weapon….. so with that in mind I ONLY carry pocket if I absolutely must. But to answer the question, yes I pocket carry it with great success.

I have since replaced the stock grip with the boot grip, stippled it and it works great for me. Very concealable and lightweight. It weighs in at 19.2oz loaded with 5 .357 158gr LSWCHP which are my round of choice. I train with both those and the .38 “FBI” version.

This little revolver is well worth the look if you are looking for a balance of power and conceal-ability.